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Changzhou Wujin fanqun Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. (drying Engineering) was founded in 2000. Specializing in drying, crushing, mixing, the development and production of equipment, for pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental protection, food, pigments, energy and other industries to provide complete sets of drying units and system solutions. The company has for the medicine group, Kunming Pharmaceutical, Lunan Pharmaceutical, sunflower Pharmaceutical, Li Bead Group, Leap earth Chemical, Hang Seng Chemical, Shengda Chemical, China Metallurgical, gold gongs group, such as domestic and foreign enterprises to provide pharmaceutical, drying, chemical,
Environmental protection and other equipment.
The company is located in Changzhou Ninghe Industrial Park, covering more than 20 acres, building area of more than 9,000 square meters, with middle and senior titles of engineering and technical personnel 8, processing equipment more than 100 sets. Annual production of equipment up to more than 600 sets, varieties of more than 30 categories, best-selling throughout the country, and exported to Southeast Asia and other regions.
as an industry leader and national Drying Technology Industry Association member units took the lead through the International Quality Management system certification, the company re-image, a brand, over the years by the Jiangsu International Credit Evaluation Company as "AAA" Class Enterprise, By the municipal administration for Industry and commerce as "heavy contract, keep promise" enterprise.
for a long time, the company has been committed to the pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental protection, drying, crushing, mixing, granulation and other equipment development and production, and attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, and several well-known domestic institutions to develop cooperation, the annual launch of 2 new products, The equipment produced has been favored by more and more users. The company has been rapid development, and accumulated a strong financial and technical force. The company also specializes in a variety of test prototype, welcome customers with material testing and inspection.
The company in the development of external markets at the same time, do not forget to strengthen internal management, the development of suitable for the enterprise's capital flow, logistics, information flow software, and constantly strengthen the shaping of employees to strive to do "Changzhou Fanqun drug Machine" and proud of the entrepreneurial spirit. In this era of global economic integration, the company really adhere to the "Science and technology is the first productive force, to win the trust, quality," The purpose of "You have no I have, you have my fine", to achieve customer satisfaction, and customer win-win final goal.

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