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Sludge Drying Horizontal Disc dryer
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Sludge Drying Horizontal Disc dryer

Keywords:Sludge Drying Horizontal Disc dryer
The category:Drying
Product overview:Sludge Drying Special disk (paddle) dryer is a type of mixing paddle in the equipment, blade sub-disc, spiral and wedge three ways, so that the wet material in the impeller stirring, with the heating ...

Sludge Drying Special disk (Blade) dryer Introduction :

Sludge Drying Special disk (paddle) dryer is a set of stirring paddles in the equipment, blade sub-disc type, spiral and wedge three ways, so that the wet material in the stirring of the blade, with the heating carrier of the hot surface full contact, so as to achieve dry purposes, the structure is generally horizontal, single-axis, two-axis or four-axis. The paddle dryer is divided into hot air type and conduction type. Hot air in the form of direct contact with the dry material through a heat carrier (such as heat) and dry, conductive form that the heat carrier is not directly in contact with the material being dried, but the hot surface and material conduction contact and drying. The sludge covered the blade and had a scrubbing effect with the relative motion of the blade.

The hollow shaft is densely lined with hollow blades, and the hot medium flows through the hollow shafts through the blades. Unit effective volume within the heat transfer area is very large (general single twin-axis blade area ≤200m2 or so, a single four-axis blade area of ≤400m2 or so), the thermal medium temperature from 60~320℃, can be water vapor, can also be liquid type: hot, thermal oil, etc. Indirect conduction heating, heat is used to heat the material, heat loss only through the body insulation layer and exhaust moisture to the environment heat.

Performance Features:
(1). The equipment has compact structure and small footprint. The heat required for drying is mainly provided by the wall surface of the hollow blades arranged on the hollow shaft, while the heat transfer of the jacket wall is only a small part. Therefore, the unit volume equipment heat transfer surface is large, can save the equipment to occupy the area, reduces the capital construction investment.

High heat utilization. The sludge dryer is heated by conduction heating, and all heat transfer surfaces are covered by the material, which reduces the heat loss and the heat utilization rate is up to 85%.

The blade has certain washing ability, which can improve the heat transfer effect of the blade. The dispersion force produced by the joint motion of the inclined surface of the rotating blade and the particle or powder layer makes the sludge attached to the heating ramp have a cleaning function. In addition, due to the reverse rotation of the two-axis blades, alternating segmental compression and expansion mixing function, heat transfer uniformity, improve the heat transfer effect.

It can realize the continuous, all-closed operation, reduce the labor and dust emission.

Exhaust gas treatment system generally adopts two kinds of pressure or negative pressure, according to different circumstances as far as possible to reduce the exhaust air volume, so as to reduce the cost of tail gas treatment, the odor of sludge evaporation can also be used deodorant system after the discharge of the standard.

The company for toxic and solvent-containing high-risk chemical sludge, etc. can be designed to dry low-temperature drying process. This can not only directly recover solvents, but also greatly reduce emissions, safety and environmental performance greatly improved.

Blade Sludge Dryer Performance Parameters (Reference):

Configuration Dual axis Four axes
Model Model 5 Model 15 Model 20 Model 40 Model 60 Model 80 Model 100 Model 120 Model 150 Model 200 Model 300 Model 400 Model 500
Heat Transfer Area 5 15 20 40 60 80 100 120 150 200 300 400 500
Host Power 4 15 18.5 30 37 45 55 75 90 110 180 220 264
Note Different materials and configurations according to the characteristics and requirements of different sludge

Sludge Drying Special disk (paddle) dryer from the sealing feed system, Vacuum disc blade drying machine, sealing material system, tail gas treatment system and other subsystems, the system through the control of combustible components, temperature control, pressure control, oxygen control method to achieve the operation of the safety control, for the oil containing the solvent sludge dry recovery and other high applicability , it is one of the high safety system in sludge drying process at present. 

The equipment is based on the atmospheric pressure drying equipment, improved the design, enhanced the system's pressure resistance, realized the system's high negative pressure environment, effectively prevented the explosion gas body in the dry silo internal accumulation.

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