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Conical double Screw spiral mixer
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Conical double Screw spiral mixer

Keywords:Conical double Screw spiral mixer
The category:Mixing
Product overview:by the spiral of the male and the rotation of the material in the cone to produce composite motion, mainly produces four forms of motion: 1. The spiral moves along the wall, making the material circul...
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By the spiral of the male and the rotation of the material in the cone to produce composite motion, mainly produces
four forms of motion: 1. The spiral moves along the wall, making the material circular motion along the
cone wall; 2. Spiral rotation causes the material to rise from the cone bottom
along the spiral; 3. The combination of the male and the rotational rotation of the helix allows a part of the material to be absorbed into the helical cylindrical surface and subjected to the centrifugal force of the helical rotation,
causing a portion of the material in the helical cylinder to be radially discharged to the cone; 4. The rising material is reduced by its gravitational force. The four kinds of motion in the mixer produce convection, shearing, diffusion, so as to achieve rapid and uniform mixing.

Application areas

GHJ Vertical high-speed mixer is composed of bottom feed leaf pulp and high-speed crushing pulp. Feed leaf slurry will feed the bottom material continuously along the cylinder wall.

Agriculture: Pesticides, fertilizers, feeds and various additives in the production of mixed.
food industry: wheat flour, cereals, milk powder, spices, coffee, monosodium glutamate, salt and other mixtures.
Chemical Industry: Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, detergents, paints, resins, glass-silicon, pigments, plastics, additives and other industries mixed.
The high-speed crushing pulp leaves the material of the material to be completely smashed. The material circulation Form vortex shape, in a relatively short time to achieve the purpose of mixing the material evenly.

Performance features

This machine is suitable for mixing of solid (powder)-Solid (powder) (powder particle size 300-2000um) and solid (powder)-Liquid (liquid content <15%), special jacket device, also can be used as drying equipment.
Unique dual-stage dual-axis output reducer, so that the structure of compact, beautiful appearance, easy to operate
; conical cylinder with just the right taper to ensure material flow form and convenient and rapid discharge, no stranded
; The design of the internal structure of the equipment, always ensure that single spiral products run
reliably, easy to maintain; mixing speed, general powder mixing only
about 10 minutes; manual, Electric, pneumatic discharge mode for you to choose.

Working principle

The rapid rotation of the spiral shaft in the mixer barrel will increase the material upward, forming a bottom-up spiral cylinder flow along the cylinder wall, at the same time, the rotating arm drives the helix axis for the revolution, so that the material outside the screw shaft, different degrees into the stud envelope line, a part of the material is offset to raise, the other part of the material is In order to achieve a full range of materials continue to update and diffusion, is referred to the upper material and then to the center of the junction, forming a downward flow of material, to replenish the bottom of the hole, so as to form a convection cycle, due to the composite material flow, materials in a short period of time to obtain uniform mixing, high mixing efficiency.

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