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High-efficiency wet pelletizer
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High-efficiency wet pelletizer

Keywords:Efficient wet pelletizer
The category:Granulating
Product overview:High-efficiency wet granulation machine, performance characteristics the machine adopts horizontal cylinder structure and is reasonable. Inflatable seal Drive Shaft, can be switched into water when cl...
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The granulator is a powder material and adhesive in a cylindrical container by the bottom-step mixing impeller fully mixed into a moist soft material, and then by the side of the high-speed grinding oar cut into a uniform wet particles. 


※ This machine adopts horizontal cylinder structure and is reasonable.
※ Inflatable seal Drive shaft, can be switched into water when cleaning.
※ Fluidization granulation, the pellet is approximately spherical, the fluidity is good.
※ Less than the traditional process of 25% adhesives, drying time is shortened.
※ Drying for 2 minutes per batch, granulation 1-4 minutes, the efficiency is 4-5 times higher than the traditional process.
※ Complete in the same closed container, dry-wet mixing-granulation, process reduction, in line with the GMP standard.
※ The whole operation has strict safety protection measures.

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