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Vacuum feeding machine
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Vacuum feeding machine

Keywords:Vacuum feeding machine
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Product overview:Vacuum Conveyor is also known as vacuum feeder, is a vacuum suction to transport particles and powder-like materials, dust-free closed pipeline conveying equipment, the use of vacuum and environmental...
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Device overview

Vacuum conveyor, also known as vacuum feeder, is a vacuum suction to transport particles and powder-like materials, dust-free closed pipeline conveying equipment, the use of vacuum and environmental space pressure difference, the formation of gas flow in the pipeline, driving the powder material movement, so as to complete the transport of powder. The vacuum conveying is the pipeline airtight transportation, this kind of conveying way can eliminate the dust environmental pollution, improves the work environment, the colleague reduces the environment and the personnel to the material pollution, enhances the cleanliness; because it is the pipeline transportation, occupies small space, can complete the small space powder transportation, makes the workshop space beautiful and generous; Vacuum conveying can reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency, which is the first choice of the most powder material conveying methods.

Comparison of several forms of vacuum conveying system

1, manual Handling
is the most primitive, the simplest, but also the most common form of material transport at present. Its advantages are simple principle, easy to clean, strong visibility, easy to control, the disadvantage is that the personnel occupy more, labor, secondary equipment, occupy space, low efficiency, low automation program, poor continuity.
2, mechanical conveying
is now commonly used in the mechanical conveying mainly belt conveyor and bucket type hoist.
The advantage of belt conveying is that the conveying volume is large, the material requirement is low, the disadvantage is that it can not be closed or completely confined, occupy large space, noisy, rotating parts, maintenance complex.
The advantages of the hoist is to be able to achieve a certain degree of airtight, word feeding more, the disadvantage is not continuous feeding, can not realize automation, occupy large space, complex operation, maintenance complex.
3. Pneumatic conveying

Advantages of vacuum conveying compared with other forms of conveying

Fully enclosed transport, to avoid the dust, but also fundamentally eliminate the external impact on materials.
simple structure, easy to disassemble and clean.
Smooth interior without dead-ends, no material residue, in line with the national drug, food, military requirements.
Less movement parts, operation, maintenance, maintenance and low cost.
high degree of automation, and upstream and downstream equipment is easy to form an automated production process.
Power Diversification, can use the vacuum pump as the power source, but also can use the existing air compressor produced by the compressed air as a power source.
Beautiful, generous, has a strong visual effect on the promotion of corporate image has a good role.
Low production noise, small vibration, lower impact on the upstream and downstream equipment.

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