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Spray Dryer For Medicine, Fruit, Plant Extract
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Spray Dryer For Medicine, Fruit, Plant Extract

Keywords:ZLPG Spray Dryer For Medicine, Fruit, Plant Extract
The category:Drying
Product overview:Heated by a heater, the air enters into the hot air distributor on the top section of the drying tower. After passing through hot air distributor, the hot air enters into the drying tower uniformly an...
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Chinese herbal Extract Special spray dryer is to absorb foreign technology developed by the low melting point, high sugar-containing Chinese medicine products drying equipment. According to the characteristics and properties of the drying products, the spray drying process conditions, high degree of automation, convenient operation, in line with the GMP requirements. The successful development of this equipment has solved many years of low melting point, high sugar-containing Chinese medicine products can not be spray-drying technical difficulties, but also spray drying in the Chinese medicine pharmaceutical industry in the application of new development of technology research.

Equipment features

The special spray drying unit of Chinese medicine has been improved in the design: the high-speed centrifugal spraying device of Chinese herbal medicine is the application of centrifugal spray drying technology in the drying of specific materials, and also the drying device which uses high-speed centrifugal atomizer to disperse the material into fine, fully contact with hot air, complete the instant drying and form a powder finished product. The drying equipment is specially used to solve the traditional Chinese medicine extract and plant extracts of the spray dryer, it effectively solves the original LPG high-speed spray dryer in the traditional Chinese medicine extract drying many problems, and the original LPG centrifugal spray dryer compared with the following characteristics
: 1, In order to prevent the production of adhesive wall equipment with air sweep wall, tower wall jacket cooling structure, effectively eliminate the product of the sticky-wall coking. Improve product quality, yield.
2, the unique product air delivery system, the dry finished product in time and the system heat wet air separation, to avoid the possibility of the finished product moisture regain caking.
3, the air into the dryer using three-level air purification, so that the intake of wind to
reach 300,000 requirements; 

4, the use of fast-open blanking device, applicable
to the production requirements of many varieties; 

5, material collection using two Cyclone dust removal device or first-class cyclone Dust + Wet type dust collector

6, spray tower volume and configuration according to the nature of the material to adapt to make it more

7, PLC control, programmable system screen display;
8. The whole drying system is designed and manufactured in accordance
with the GMP specification; 9, the user at the time of ordering according to the characteristics of the material can choose a type, B, c type one of them to achieve the best adaptability between the equipment and the subject.


■ Heated by a heater, the air enters into the hot air distributor on the top section of the drying tower. After passing through hot air distributor, the hot air enters into the drying tower uniformly and moves in the spiral state. At the same time, the material pump sends the material liquid to the centrifugal spray on the top of the drying tower. The material liquid is sprayed into very fine mist- state drops. The surface area that the material liquid contacts the hot air is increased greatly. The water is evaporated fast. In a very short time, the products are dried into the dried final products. The dried final products are separated with the wet air by the whirl separator. The dried final products will pass through the material collection whirl room at the bottom of the whirl separator and are sent to the small whirl separator for separation by the dried air. The final products will be collected in the material collection barrel. The exhausted gas will be discharged through induced draft fan.

■ All the hot air system, blowing system and air sending system of the drier have the first effect, middle effect and sub-high effect filters and other filters. All the air entering the drying system has passed the filtering treatment. All the sections of contacting the materials use the stainless steel and meet GMP requirements. 


Model ZLPG-25 ZLPG-50 ZLPG-80 ZLPG-100 ZLPG-150 ZLPG-200 ZLPG-300
Evaporation capacity (kg/h) 25 50 80 100 150 200 300
Process amount of material liquid(kg/h) 25~34 50~68 80~108 100~135 150~203 200~270 300~406
Output of finished product(kg/h) 4.8~7.2 9.2~14 14.8~22.4 18.4~28 28~42 36.8~56.4 55~85
Solid content of material liquid (%) 18~25
Moisture content of finished product (%) 3~5
Electric power(kw) 63 99 132 153 204 246 330
Heat source steam plus electricity
Collecting method of product and its efficiency two-grade cyclone or one-grade cyclone and one-grade wet-method dedusted of 95%
Automatic control meters and instruments indicator of not air and exhaust air temperature.
Temperature of air inlet (˚C) 150~200
Temperature of air outlet (˚C) 80~100
Overall dimensions (mm) L 7000 8000 9800 11000 12200 14100 15000
W 4000 5000 5700 6200 7000 7800 9000
H 5200 6500 7600 8100 9000 9850 11100

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