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Steam Radiator
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Steam Radiator

Keywords:Steam Radiator
The category:The Heat Source
Product overview:Steam Radiator, industrial radiator structure composed of heat pipe, in and out of the controller, the framework. Among them, the heat pipe is composed of heat dissipation tube bundle, the loose heat ...

Structure principle

The structure of industrial radiator is composed of heat pipe, inlet and outlet manifold and frame.
among them, the heat pipe is composed of heat tube bundle, the bulk tube is composed of base pipe and fin. Heat pipe quality Determines the heat transfer effect, the scattered heat pipe arrangement mode affects the air resistance, the heat pipe installation mode decides to withstand the temperature difference (expansion and contraction) ability.

Installation method

Frame fixed type (SRZ type, srl type, S type), frame support type (GL Type, U type).
among them, the frame fixed type, the bulk heat pipe directly welded to the frame box, the result is simple, generally used in 180 ℃ below the heat medium or the refrigerant; frame support, loose heat pipe through the frame porous plate, and connected tube (or elbow) welded, generally used for 180 ℃ or more heat medium.

Common Heat Pipe type

Steel heat pipe (steel tube around the fin, hot galvanizing treatment), steel and aluminum composite heat pipe (steel tube rolled aluminum fin), copper radiator tube (copper tube around the copper fin, tin-lined processing), copper-aluminum composite heat pipe (copper tube rolled aluminum fin), Stainless steel heat pipe (stainless steel tube around the stainless steel fin, high-frequency welding) Among them, the steel radiator tube, hot dip galvanizing is the key, can fill the gap, stable fin, efficient heat transfer, high-efficiency corrosion protection; copper heat pipe, tin-lined is the key.

Technical data

Heat dissipation area, ventilation net sectional area, heat transfer coefficient.
among them, the heat dissipation area affects the bulk heat, is also the main cost parameters of the radiator, ventilation net section affects the ventilation resistance, heat transfer coefficient affects the heat transfer effect.

Selection parameters

Drying Radiator Selection Parameters: Heat medium (steam, hot water), hot air, materials.
among them: steam (pressure, temperature), hot water (inlet temperature, outlet temperature, flow), hot air (flow, air inlet temperature, humidity (water content), wind temperature, resistance), materials (consumption of heat,
evaporation of water) insulation radiator selection Parameters: Heat Medium (steam, Hot water), space, area, insulation.
among them: steam (pressure, temperature), hot water (inlet temperature, outlet temperature, flow), space (long, wide, high).

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