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A Green Technology Co., Ltd. Hollow double-shaft double-blade dryer
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Equipment overview

Hollow Two-axis double-blade dryer, can be paste-like, paste, granular, powdery materials, indirect heating drying. The device is an indirect heating stirring dryer, which sets the jacket on the cylinder, the rotating shaft is hollow, the hollow Blade is arranged on the shaft and connected with the hollow shaft. This design not only improves the area of the unit volume, but also strengthens the heat transfer process and improves the heat transfer efficiency. The shell of the paddle dryer is ω type, the shell body is generally two hollow stirring shaft, the shell has sealed end cover and upper cover to prevent material dust and heat source leakage.

Equipment features

paddle Dryer Low energy consumption: due to indirect heating, there is no large amount of air to carry away heat, dryer outside the wall and set insulation layer, the slurry material, evaporation 1kg water only need 1.2kg steam. Blade Dryer system Cost is low: The unit effective volume has a huge heat transfer surface, shortening the processing time, equipment size becomes smaller.
Greatly reduces the construction area and the building space. wide range of processing materials: the use of different thermal media, can be used to deal with heat-sensitive materials, but also to deal with high-temperature materials.
Commonly used media are: steam, thermal oil, hot water, cooling water and so on. It can be operated continuously or intermittently, and can be applied in many fields.
environmental pollution is small: do not use carry air, dust material entrainment very little.
Material solvent evaporation is very small, easy to handle. A closed loop can be used for contaminated materials or for working conditions that require recovery of solvents
. Low operating costs: low wear and maintenance costs.

Stable operation: Due to the special compression of wedge-shaped pulp--expansion stirring action, the material particles fully and heat transfer surface contact, in the axial interval, the material temperature, humidity, mixing degree gradient is very small, thus ensuring the stability of the process.

Engineering pictures

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