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Lithium iron phosphate is special Drying machine engineering
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The main application fields of the lithium iron phosphate

(1) Energy storage equipment: energy storage equipment based on solar, wind, geothermal, marine energy generation system, power grid peak shaving, power system UPS, solar cell use as energy storage equipment, home lighting, etc.
(2) power tools such as high power Electric tools (wireless), electric hammers, drills, lawn mower and so on.
(3) light electric vehicle motor car, electric bicycle, recreational car, golf cart, electric pusher, clean car, hybrid vehicle (HEV), the target of the recent 2-3 years, forklift, forklift and other power supplies.
(4) Small equipment medical equipment: electric wheelchair car, electric scooter, Toys (remote control electric aircraft, cars, boats).
(5) Other small appliances, Miner's lamp.
(6) Starting power: Automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, diesel engines, railway diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, bus starting power
; (7) Fixed type power supply: Used for communication, mobile base station, telecommunication, railway transportation, power, finance, power plant, computer system as protection , automatic control of the standby power supply.
(8) Military field: Army on-site electronic Command system, sea (submarine), Land (Army system, Machine Warrior), Sky (unmanned aircraft), air (satellites, spacecraft) and other classes. Li-Ion battery technology is not a simple industrial technology, its related information industry development, but also is the new energy industry development of one of the basic technology, and become the modern and future military equipment indispensable important "food" one. Believe in the future, lithium iron phosphate battery will replace the lead-acid battery unified power battery world situation, and the use will be more extensive!
The company according to the material characteristics of lithium iron phosphate, in the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced equipment and technology based on independent research and development of lithium iron phosphate double cone vacuum dryer.

How the device works

The heat source is passed into the closed interlayer, and the thermal energy is transmitted to the dried material by the inner shell; under the power drive, the tank is slowly rotated and the material in the tank is continuously mixed to achieve the purpose of strengthening; the material is in the vacuum state, the pressure drop causes the solvent of the material surface to reach saturation and evaporates, The internal solvents of the material are continuously penetrated, evaporated and discharged, and the three processes are continuously carried out, and the material achieves the drying purpose in a short period of time.

Engineering pictures

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