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Vacuum Belt type Drying machine
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Vacuum Belt type Drying machine

Keywords:Vacuum Belt type Drying machine
The category:Drying
Product overview:Belt Vacuum dryer is a continuous feed, continuous discharge form of contact vacuum drying equipment, the material to be dried through the conveying mechanism directly into the high vacuum dryer insid...


Belt type Vacuum dryer is a continuous feed, continuous discharge form of contact vacuum drying equipment, to be dried liquid through the conveying mechanism directly into the high vacuum dryer inside, spread in the dryer in a number of drying belt, driven by the motor drive special rubber roller driven drying belt at set speed along the dryer cylinder direction movement, Each drying belt below is equipped with three mutually independent heating plate and a cooling plate, the drying belt and the heating plate, the cooling plate tightly fit, in order to contact heat transfer to the drying of the energy needed to transfer to the material. When the drying belt from one end of the cylinder movement to the other end, the material has been dried and cooled, the drying belt back, the drying of the cake from the drying belt stripping, through a up and down movement of the guillotine device, knocked into the crushing device, crushed material through two gas gate-type out hopper out of the material. As the material directly into the high vacuum after a period of time gradually drying (usually 30-60 minutes), the resulting particles have a certain degree of crystallization effect, at the same time from the microscopic structure of the internal micro-pore. Direct crushing to the desired particle size, the fluidity of the particles is very good, can be directly pressed tablets or capsules, at the same time, because the particles have a microscopic loose structure, excellent instant. And the appearance of particles good, for instant (granule) products, can greatly improve the grade of products. Belt vacuum dryer in the fuselage at both ends of continuous feeding, continuous discharge, batching and discharging part can be set in the clean room, the whole drying process is completely closed, not contact with the external environment, in line with the requirements of GMP.
The belt type vacuum dryer has wide adaptability and can be applied to most natural product extracts. Especially for viscous high, easy to knot, thermoplastic, heat sensitive materials, not suitable or can not be used spray drying, belt vacuum dryer is the best choice. Moreover, the concentrated extract can be directly fed into the belt-type vacuum dryer for drying without adding any excipients, this can reduce the final product dosage, improve product grade. Products throughout the drying process, in a vacuum, closed environment, the drying process is mild (product temperature of 40-60 ℃), for natural extracts products, can maintain its color, fragrance, taste, to obtain high-quality final products. Belt Vacuum dryer can be fully cip in-situ cleaning, in batches and batches, products and products can be very convenient CIP in-situ cleaning, making the replacement of products very convenient, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers, but also to ensure the quality of the product.
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